How It Works For Customer


Add projects to account    Helpdesk interface    Ticket signs    Direct ticket link    Ticket last replies    Helpdesk projects signs    Remove project from list    Create new ticket

First of all customer should add some helpdesk projects to work with - lets review how to do that.

There are two ways to add helpdesk project to customer account — searching project and add project by direct link.

If customer knows name of project he can find it with help of Search button — when clicked search form is shown — see pic 1.

Pic 1 — Helpdesk project search form

Customer fills search field with desired helpdesk project name and clicks Search button — if project with given name not found then mistake message will be shown, otherwise - see pic 2.

For example project has name gtoexample.

Pic 2 — Found helpdesk project

When customer clicks button Add «gtoexample» To My Helpdesk Projects project will be added to customer helpdesk projects list and new ticket form is shown — see pic 3.

Pic 3 — Added helpdesk project and new ticket form

Second way to add helpdesk project in customer helpdesk projects list is to use direct link — for example if project has name gtoexample then customer can add it simply by following next link

So the link for adding project looks in common case as follows

where ********** is project name - it will have the same effect as with search workflow.

Helpdesk interface in customer account is shown at pic 4.

Pic 4 — Customer helpdesk interface

By clicking display project name at right side of page list of customer tickets is displayed — there are ticket headline and two dates — when ticket was created and when ticket was updated.

Tickets with manager answers are shown at the top of tickets list.

Current helpdesk project is highlighted with red line at left side of project link.

There are three signs attached to every ticket in tickets list — see pic 5 — lets review it.

Pic 5 — Tickets signs

First sign is intended for ticket deleting.

Second sign is a direct ticket link — by clicking that link new browser tab is opened and full ticket info is shown — ticket headline and text plus all ticket replies — see pic 6.

Pic 6 — Ticket direct link display

Third sign is equal to second sign — but it loads full ticket info without page reload or opening new browser tab.

Fourth sign is used to show ticket last replies — when clicked it displays ticket last replies list — see pic 7.

Other tickets are shadowed to highlight ticket with last replies shown.

Number of last replies is set on customer settings page ( item in customer menu at the top of page).

Pic 7 — Ticket last replies

Every customer helpdesk project has three signs at right side of project — see pic 8 — lets review it.

Pic 8 — Customer helpdesk projects signs

First sign is used to remove project from customer helpdesk projects list.

When clicked remove warning appears — see pic 9.

Pic 9 — Remove project warning

If customer clicks Remove button — project will be removed from customer helpdesk projects list.

Second sign is used to display closed tickets list in current helpdesk project.

Third sign is used to create new ticket in helpdesk project — when clicked new ticket creation form appears — check pic 10.

Pic 10 — New ticket form